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Sales Abilitiy

Our Strategies & Strength

Secured space and competitive pricing leads to :

A good support in the local co-loader market :
> Over 20 local freight forwarding companies are enjoying our price and space regularly
> Special commitment with favorite European freight forwarding companies to share our advantages
An effective tool for sales development with our overseas partners :
> Active in airfreight market and flexible for any kind of inquires to design the best scenario for our customers


Our Sales Team

1) Covering both Hong Kong and hub cities in China:
> Full coverage sales team focusing on main industrial areas in China
2) Developing sales leads for our partners:
> Regular sales leads submitted
> Concrete customers¡¦ information and recommendation
3) Serving exporters and shippers: 
> Close communication and approach for all exporters and shippers to maintain the excellent relationship and generate more mutual business.